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    The Shrine Of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai

    Summary / Short Note

    The great saint Shah Abdul Latif was born in 1102 Hijra in a small village called "Hala Haveli". His father's name was Shah Habib. He was the scholar of Arabic and Persian. He was also a poet and musician. He was one of the greatest saint who won people's hearts by kind nature and gentle ways. Shah Latif is lovingly called "Lal Latif" by his devotees. His ancestors had migrated from Hirat to Sindh.
    At the age of twenty, He married a good lady. After the death of his father, He left his home and went to live on a mount "Bhit" at some distance from his village. Shah Latif had a very sensitive mind. His heart was soon filled with the love of God. There is a lake nearby the mound. He used to spend much of his time sitting on the bank of this lake where he prayed to God and composed poetry in his praise. He also invented a simple musical instrument and called it "Tambooro" which is popular all over the Sindh.
    Lal Latif died in 1165 Hijra on the mound where he had lived and was buried there. A famous king of Sindh, Ghulam Shah Kalhoro, was so devoted to him that he built a shrine over his grave. Latif's devotees collected his poetry and this collection came to be called the "Risalo Of Shah Abdul Latif". Latif's "urs" is held at his shrine every year on 14th Safar. Thousands of people gather, listen to the Saint's songs sung to the "Tambooro" and offer their prayers. Recently a library, a rest house and a museum have been built. Latif's message is the message of love. He believed in the brotherhood and equality of men and in pleasing God by good deeds.

    Questions & Answers

    Q1 : Who was Shah Abdul Latif ? What was he called by his devotees ?
    Ans : He was a great Saint of the Sindh. He was born in 1689 in a small village called Hala Haveli. He was called Lal Latif by his devotees.

    Q2 : What do you know about the ancestors of Shah Abdul Latif ?
    Ans : The ancestors of Shah Abdul Latif belonged to Hirat. They migrated to Sindh during the days of Tamerlane. Sindh was then the centre of Islamic Culture.

    Q3 : Why did Shah Abdul Latif love the lake which is near the mound ?
    Ans : Shah Abdul Latif loved peaceful and calm atmosphere of the lake so he spent most of his time in prayer and deep thinking on the bank of it.

    Q4 : What is Bhit ? Why was Shah Abdul Latif called Bhittai ?
    Ans : A mount of sand is called Bhit in Sindhi. After leaving his home, Shah Abdul Latif lived on this mound for the rest of his life. So, he was called Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai.

    Q5 : What changes did the Shah Abdul Latif make in the music of those days ?
    Ans : He did not agree with the idea that music should be difficult. So, he simplified the music of those days.

    Q6 : What do you know about the poetry of Shah Abdul Latif ?
    Ans : Shah Abdul Latif was a musician poet. While he was a boy, he started composing poetry. He was a poet of the people. He used the language of farmers and labour es. His collection of poetry is called "Shah Jo Risalo".

    Q7 : What do you know about "Tamboora" ?
    Ans : The Tambooro is a simple musician instrument, invented by the Sufi philosopher Shah Abdul Latif.

    Q8 : When did Shah Abdul Latif died and where he was buried ?
    Ans : Shah Abdul Latif died in 1752. He was buried on the "Mound" where he had lived.

    Q9 : When and how is the "Urs" of Shah Abdul Latif is held every year ?
    Ans : Shah Abdul Latif's Urs is held every year on the 14th of the Islamic month of Safar. Thousands of people gather listen to the saint's songs sung on the "Tambooro" and offer prayers.

    Q10 : Write five sentences about Bhit Shah if you have seen it ?
    Ans : The shrine of Shah Abdul Latif is at Bhit Shah which is near Hala. Its beautiful dome can be seen at a distance of many miles. The shrine has been connected with the main road. Recently a library, a rest house and a museum have been built. The shrine dominates the surroundings.


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